CRAZY turn of events…Bucketlist Moment


I can’t explain to you what the last 72 hours have been like, but I am going to try.  I guess I should start at the beginning.  When Bryce and I got offered a charter position and I threw it out to the universe that if we got a substantial tip I would make my DREAM of doing my yoga instructors come true.  Now although we got a good tip, it wasn’t quite the amount I had set for myself and therefore when at the end of the charter I thought about booking my flights, I though no. Perhaps, the budget would be far too tight and put pressure on me at a later stage.  So, as you read in my previous blog post, we took a few days in St Thomas for the two of us and I sat back and relaxed.

However, in the back of my mind, the course kept popping up.  Bryce kept asking me about it, but I just said to him I didn’t think the time was right (for a couple of reasons) and although I hadn’t ruled it out completely I wasn’t too sure.  But my gut was telling me something else.  We arrived in Fort Lauderdale late on Thursday evening, had a great dinner at this delicious vegan bar (Green Bar & Kitchen) and hopped into our  beds!

I woke up the next morning deciding I wanted to do it. So we skyped my mom and got her opinion (obviously), looked frantically for the best flights, phoned the teacher of the course and chatted through everything with her.  My leg being a major point of worry for me.  As most of you know, I have been out of running (and most exercise) for over a year now. And when everything started to align, flights were still doable (although 32 hours) and my gut was erring to the side of DO IT, Bryce encouraginly pushed the BUY TICKET button and the ball was set in motion.

It’s amazing having a partner who supports me whole heartedly in achieving my goals.  He never puts himself in the way of me bettering myself or my career.  And so, there I was, four hours before my flight was due to depart in my pajamas staring at him with an overwhelmed feeling of joy, anxiety and MUST GET MOVING taking over me.  We packed viciously (eradicating all unnecessary items (heart breaking), hola-ed a cab and went back to the green bar for some much needed food and nutrition.

From there, the modes of transport just didn’t stop.  We cycled our bicycles back from George’s Bicycle Shop (he kindly held them for us while we were away accidentally!).  Gave Bryce a rushed goodbye, UBER’ED (love that that’s now a verb- the true test of a good brand!) to Fort Lauderdale Airport, caught a flight to New York, airtrain-ed to the next terminal, jumped onto a REALLY long flight to Hong Kong.  It was 18.5 hrs in total of being on the aircraft.  We had a fuel stop in Vancouver but had to stay on the plane for almost 2 hrs.  So although I had three seats to myself on the way to Vancouver, I was not so lucky on the 12.5 hour flight to Hong Kong.  But when I was waiting in NYC, I messaged Jess to let her know I had a looooong (8hr) layover there on my way through to Chiang Mai.

When I landed I got a message to say that Taz was also in Hong Kong and Jess, who I haven’t seen for 2 years, had arranged us a little brekkie.  So off the plane I jumped and into the airtrain, then a cab to find myself outside Jess’s new flat in Hong Kong.  Seeing her was like we had just seen each other yesterday.  What a true belssing to have friends like her and Taz.  We treated ourselves to an amazing champagne breakfast before I hopped back in a cab, back on the airtrain and back to Hong Kong Airport and now, here I sit, in the airport on my final leg to Chiang Mai for a month long yoga instructor course.


I have no idea what the next month holds for me.  I just know that I feel like the luckiest girl in the world, with friends, a boyfriend and family like mine, I feel so blessed. With the opportunities that have come my way, I feel even more blessed.  I have a feeling my life is about to change, that my mind is about to get calmed and that taking one step closer to reaching a much bigger picture is going to get the ball rolling.  So, here I am about to tick off 2 bucketlist items, doing my yoga instructors and going to Thailand.

No better time to say #LetLifeSurpriseYou



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