And then there was Thailand.

It’s been a week.  And if someone told me I had to go home tomorrow, I would have no argument that I have already got my money’s worth.  I was told that I should come here with no expectations and I will leave here with a yoga teacher qualification and a life changing experience.  That already feels like the case.


You all know how me getting here, came about.  Very last minute.  Very long.  Very exhausting.  But after acknowledging the bags under my eyes and that yuck feeling of 40hrs of airplane food, I arrived in a taxi at the most beautiful resort; canopied in greenery, splashed with bright pink and purple flowers, decorated with butterflies, alive with bees, birds and singing beetles.  Basically, I was in heaven.


When I was guided to my room, I walked down an arch of leaves, every couple of meters, a little private path leading to a new “suite” (bedroom), wooden sculpture strategically placed along your walk.  I had thought I was sharing, but when the lovely thai gentleman led me to my room, I was really happy to find out I was all on my own in a room.  And not just any room, a big, beautiful typically thai room, with wooden carvings, wooden floors, a beautiful big king size bed on the floor, white linen and lace curtains, and a whimsical mosquito net falling elegantly over the bed. My inner princess was squealing with delight.


And although I was so tempted to jump straight into my bed, I walked down to the yoga shala to meet my new friends.  And what a welcoming, as I arrived everyone already knew who I was (last one to arrive) and everyone was laughing and chatting away eagerly, sharing the deliciously prepared thai food.  I helped myself to some thai style salad and tried to make my way around the group, immediately feeling comfortable and welcome in the space.  My heart was so happy.


And from there, the rest of the week just rolled out, playing out one amazing experience after the next.  Every morning we start the day in silence (Nouma) and I find this the most amazing way to begin the day.  I love it, I love being able to just reflect on whatever is going on around me, to do some of my studying, to engage with my Asana practise and to really appreciate my surroundings.  So along with silence, is a 3hr intense Asana practise lead by one of the three amazing teachers that are here.  Each one of them has such a different style, but each class I have done, i have absolutely loved.  We end with a bit of Pranayama (breathing exercises for non-yogis) and I can’t believe how much I love this.  it takes you to the most beautiful, calm and serene space.  I feel so connected with myself and the environment afterwards.


Each day plays out differently after that, but we spend the afternoons in lectures or doing teaching practise.  It is amazing, how much you are forced to look within.  i am facing some big demons, but then also finding this amazing freedom and being able to let them go.  I thought I had advanced a little further than I actually did, when I had a little meltdown yesterday.  But consciousness, is becoming key.


Conscious breathing, conscious eating, conscious being.  I am being challenged, physically, mentally, spiritually and I am loving every minute of it.  Today has been my first down day, but otherwise every single day last week, I thought I was gonna explode with contentment.  Just feeling like I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  And I cannot wait to see what the next three weeks will reveal.

I am just so grateful I have a partner, who nudged and supported me enough to get me here!

(The Internet is SO BAD, so I can’t upload pics, but when i can colour my post with pics I will!)

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