Franschhoek Fairyland

My Day Do-di-da


We have this fund.  It’s called the Fernweh* Fund and basically every month we both put some money aside into a little savings account, I guess for a “rainy day”,  It’s to cover those weekends you feel like indulging yourself, or the skydive you have always wanted to do or that fancy restaurant you wouldn’t splurge on day-to-day.  After 6 months of savings, it was looking really healthy, so we decided to take advantage of the long August weekend and escape to Franschhoek.

What a great idea.

(* Fernweh n ‎(genitive Fernwehes or Fernwehs, no plural) wanderlust, a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places.)

Every day was jam-packed with adventure, but only once we escaped the traffic jam out of Cape Town.  Equipped with a go-pro, 30 seconds cards and some sing-a-long music, the traffic never felt too bad.  And by the time, we met our host at

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