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My Day Do-di-da


I made an error this weekend when it came to booking our flights for one of my fabulous friends’ wedding.  I booked the 5am flight outgoing and the 9am incoming on Sunday morning.  That would have been fine, if the drive from the airport to the wedding had not been around 5 hours.  It was entertaining though and throughout the whole wedding we had people watching out for us and giving us the countdown to 3am (the time we needed to depart to get to our flight on time).  But, at 2:45am, the three of us were one of the few wedding party members left on the dancefloor, swaying to the last song.  As the music cut, we said our farewells and headed towards our matchstick hired car, that had very little power, but some great character.  So with an increase in volume and a final push, we drove the…

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