I am not sure I have ever walked into a more magical space.  The Rabaeng Pasak Treehouse Resort is probably my highlight of our entire trip.  I am not sure if it is because it has always been a childhood dream for me, or because you are so immersed in nature- but I just really felt content here.  We arrived late at night, meandering through the forests just north east of Chiang Mai, up into the hills, with the sun setting on our journey.

As soon as we arrived, it was dark and we were greeted by the very welcoming family, who were happy to take us to our beautiful treehouse, while preparing our dinner.

Our treehouse (Bamboo) was amazing- with a bed nestled next to the window, stairs up to another single bed and a very large balcony area looking over the river & waterfall.  The bathroom steps down into a bath and a toilet opening to the bamboo growing outside the window.  It was magical.  Falling asleep with the sounds of the river passing by, sends you into the most wonderful dream world.

Our dinner was set up as we arrived back to the main communal area, a dinner cooked by the family- with no choice involved (besides meat/no meat) was a delicious selection of traditional Thai Meals, complete with soup, salad, tasty mains and fruit for dessert.


We woke up bright and early the next morning excited to see the light coming through the trees and to explore the little “resort”.  We found out more information from the family, understanding that the father, Mr Lee, had been an architect in USA and his daughter and son in law had lived there too.  Mr Lee had built the tree-houses initially as a family holiday spot.  Eventually when the family took the idea to the tourist market, Pinn and her husband came back from the States to help with the family business.  So, it has a very homely feel when you sit in the communal area, with cats and chickens roaming around, the family wondering in and around guests, chatting in a very friendly manner to all who take the time to chat.


It’s a quiet spot, with tranquility at it’s very heart. We borrowed the very rustic bikes (not made for what they need to do in the surrounding areas) and wobbily set off up and down the roads and into the heart of the forests.  Man, it was so beautiful!


Our rickety bikes were not built for the rough off road terrain and so a couple of times we had to push the bike.  We ventured to the bat cave, stallactite cave and the red sand beach area.  It was entertaining and when the going go tough, my pants got going!


So with a little extra breeze on my ride and after a really long laugh, we ventured back through the greenery, amazed by the beautiful butterflies, the extent of the tall trees and the ever luscious greenery!


We were eager to rush back and join in on the Arts and Crafts that the Treehouses were hosting. It was the Loy Krathong festival at this time and so they were teaching us how to make the floats.  The festival was to give thanks to the River Gods- it asks the people of Thailand to give up time with their families to create these beautiful floats and thank the Gods for the water provided and to apologise for the damage they might have caused over the year.  They also let off lanterns into the Sky.  It looks beautiful!  However, this year everything was slightly watered down in order to pay their Respects to The King.

So, there we sat on the balcony, following Pinn’s step by step guide on how to create our own.  And later on that evening all the guests were invited to launch their floats down the river.  It was wonderful to be included int his kind of ritual.

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The few days we spent at the Treeshouses were restorative and beautiful, allowing us to be quiet and touched by Mother Nature and her gentleness.  Neither of us wanted to leave and will most definitely be back.

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