Sunshine & Pedalos in Corfu



My only previous reference to Corfu was Gerard Durrel’s My Family and Other Animals, where the lead character lived on the Island.  For some reason the book stuck with me.  We were lucky that for a 2-week period in July, we were docked in Corfu, right in the centre of the town and right outside a really love sea-facing bar.  The crew loved that.

I loved being on the Island, making my morning sunrise run wrap around the coast and along the cobbled streets.  It was a scenery change from Sardinia and a great one at that.

Again, our guests left us for a couple of days and our generous Chief Officer and Chief Stew, distributed half days off between the crew.  As Bryce and I do, we took advantage of the half day that I had (I was on watch for the full day) and we rented a car for the afternoon.  We had both been on night watch, which means that Bryce works all the way through the night until 6am.  And I do the shift until the guests go to bed, normally averaging at about 2-3 am. So we didn’t have a particularly early start, as Bryce sticks to his eight hours of rest.  I was too excited and took off for a little bit and went and organised the car.  We had heard of some great beaches further up north and so that was where we planned to go.

Once Bryce had surfaced from his slumber, we packed ourselves into the car; suncream, hats, bikinis and obviously, the GoPro!  We headed down to a little beach town called Salida.  It was nothing impressive, maybe a little bit like the Cancun of Corfu.  Very touristy restaurants lining the beaches and touristy shops on all the roads…but don’t get scared off, go a little further down the way, rent yourself a little pedalo, and this my friends is the result….(see the video below!)

We had the best day, with a few drinks, and some fruit packed into our pedalo, we pedaled all the way along the coast, stopping every so often to swim and jump off high rockfaces.  The absolute highlight being our final stop, where we slid our way over the clay textured mud and jumped off the beautifully layered rocks into the warm, crystal clear waters.



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