Eze- a french delight

IMG_2785.JPGI’d been to Eze before, probably about 4 years back.  And it was just as magical then as it was the second time around.  Last time, we omitted the walk up there, but this time, Bryce and I had the right shoes (and sunblock) on and we trekked from the bottom all the way to the top.  It’s pretty much a zig zag from start to finish.  Bryce had his Go Pro attached to him every step of the way, and so when we have some time, I will edit a little video and add it to this post.

You can cheat by taking the bus from the Eze Village bus stop going all the way to the top.  You get there slightly quicker than the brave walkers and you get dropped off right outside a delicious olive oil, tea and herb stall.  It is definitely worth taking a look, and a possible purchase.  But be warned, your wallet gets as much exercise in Eze as your legs do!


The cobbled streets wind themselves around a beautiful old French Village that is set on a hilltop overlooking the Cote D’Azur. The luscious green trees contrast with the crystal clear waters below, creating a magical view and a site worth visiting.  Although there are always lots of visitors, the nature of the streets, winding around each other, rarely creates a crowded atmosphere.


On either side of the narrow streets, there are doors opening up into beautiful art galleries, gelato houses, coffee shops and delicious restaurants.  My favourite one, sits right at the top, just before you get to the Exotic Garden- Le Jardin Exotique (a cactus garden perched on the highest point of the hill).  The Deli, is literally just a hole in the wall, with a couple of tables wrapped around the facade of the rocks and built into it just the same.


I would highly recommend allowing the owner of the Deli to bring you his favourite selection of cheeses, oils, vinegars and preserves.  He speaks you passionately through a delicious tasting of the finest combinations you could find.  Some combinations might surprise you, but don’t stick to what you know, trust him to take you on a journey around your tastebuds.  You will NOT be disappointed.  In fact, we walked away purchasing three different flavours, one was probably my favourite, a truffle flavoured Olive oil, which blessed our palettes for the next while in our apartment.


Don’t have too much champagne or too many cheeses, that you miss the closing time at The Exotic Garden.  It is a must, and is a magical experience, surrounded by the beautiful array of cactuses.  They have put some good time and money into the garden, where you can see exactly what everything is and where it comes from.  But, perhaps the best part, is when you stand right at the top end of the garden and look all the way down, your eye stretching as far as Antibes and possibly further.  The blue water looking so enticing, that I wouldn’t suggest you refuse a swim at one of the beaches on your way home.  So many good choices around that area.

Slowly meander your way back, as the shop tellers start to lock up their doors, perhaps stop for a sunset cocktail at one of the hotels or bars there.  It is definitely worth it.  Whatever, you do, don’t rush.  Allow the afternoon to lead you from one thing into the next and I promise you Eze will uncover some of it’s magic for you.


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